Weekend Escapades,

We all become very bored by staying one place for a long time and from our day-to-day daily life, at that time we need change and rejuvenation, here is the monsoon with a welcome change,  waterfalls, lively climate and lots of greenery so go on and explore these places…

Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Royal delight.

About 690 km from Delhi.


This is my favorite one, Udaipur is the heart of Rajasthan everything about this place disposes royalty you can breath it in its air, rain here has special softness and joy though it lacks heavy rainfall here but soft and gentle showers changes its color and fill its air with romance. Palaces luxury hotels and its culture is the main attraction of Udaipur you can’t stop yourself feel like royal 👑 ,Udaipur is also known as city of lakes which was made by maharajas for jail vihars .

Things to to ; visit city palace, vintage car museum, ambrai, monsoon palace, savage garden, and yes boat rides in lake pichola with a glittering view of Taj lake palace and Udai vilas palace.



Solitude one word for this.

About 280 km from Mumbai and 120 km from Pune.

Mahabaleshwar is a hill station situated in the sahyadri mountain range and have conserved few rain forest of India .The best thing about this place is its breathtaking scenery and waterfall in its way to reach, here you can find peace of mind from daily chaos of concrete jungles

Attraction of this place is its amazing scenic beauty, pratapgarh fort, shiva temple, sangam temple of five rivers known as panch Ganga temple and Lingmala waterfall.


Complete fun

About 600 km from Mumbai.



Goa’s name is sufficient  in itself to attract travelers it fills you up with its electrifying energy so please don’t stay away from its off-season tag because it has a lot to offer, you get the chance to fully enjoy its beauty come and enjoy the monsoon in Goa it becomes lush green with the combination of modern luxury and serene greenery with emerald-green paddy fields you can enjoy the power of strong sea waves and its grey beaches and also you can get budgetary accommodation in renowned hotels and resorts if you are lucky.

Things to do: can relish culinary dishes ,dudhsagar falls on the Mandori river different beaches, famous market places and last but not the least Kokum syrup you will certainly love it



About 340 km from Mumbai


ganpatiphule is the little village comes under the district Ratnagiri this is a village basically colonized by fishermen community its biggest attraction is its Ganpati temple which gives it’s  name Ganpatiphule and its pristine sand beaches with strong waves and the most important things is it ,it is far away from crowd and hoardes

Things to do; Can visit Konkani museum, ganpatiphule beach, malgund, jaigarh and  ratnadurga fort n don’t miss relishing Maharashtrian thali with sol kadi.

Almora ,Uttrakhand .

Rural rejoice.

About 350 km from Delhi.


Once the summer capital of Chanda dynasty, Almora is the heart of Kumaon region it is free from chaos, now a days Almora becomes favorite tourist destination its stepped terraces and rolling hills offers a lot with pictersque and spectacular view of Himalaya specially at sunrise and sunset.

Things to do; you can enjoy calm and peaceful environment, lal bazar, bright end corner famous for its fantastic sunset n also you can explore neighboring Binsar’s untouched wildlife scantuary having barking deer, musk deer, species of birds and flying squirrels, zero point amazes you with its panorama of kumaoni Himalaya.

So I hope you all will enjoy it go explore these places and share your experiences here ….

How travel changes you for good,

IMG_2173Do you know this is my personal experience travel changes me a lot and in a good way I am completely transformed and also believe for others who travels,


Travelling increases your happiness quotient for sure,we don’t understand our static lifestyle builds up lots of stress,and once u decided to leave your comfort zone you will start exploring yourselves and this world also which leads to the different opportunities and it opens the doors to the happiness you will get the chance to meet new people, new culture,etc ……

Confident and responsible,

Once you pack your bags and decided to leave for your dream destination from that moment onwards your confidence begins to grow exceptionally and when you finally reach the destination you find yourself totally change and confident personality it is due to your journey and its hurdles which you have overcome .Your journey teaches you a lot at least in my case it happened I have become more responsible towards me and others.IMG_1023

More Social and grateful,

This is the key outcome of travelling ,during your travelling you get the chance to interact different people,for many reasons you will get opportunities to see them, their culture and their lifestyle from very close and after experiencing this .You for sure become very grateful for what you have and why you were complaining you see people, smile, talk and share their fables this is completely different and out of the word experience.

More wise and Smart,

We believe that materialistic things are everything but the truth is, it is not like that and travelling teaches me this thing once I was in remote area of West Bengal I saw people who do not have any luxury but they are quite happy though. See this you IMG_1244.JPGdon’t feel like that. And after experiencing this my perception changed about happiness ,which is “Very little is needed to be happy” isn’t.

Optimistic And Positive,

When you start travelling you will find things are not rosy always you have to wait for long,and you have to travel in the buses some times weather was not good roads condition was not good either, you have to make lot of compromises but you know what keeps you moving, your zest for reaching your destination and your enthusiasm fades all of this little negative things and this certainly makes anyone optimistic and positive .

Don’t believe me go and see this world from your point of view and share your experiences with me because I know it feels awesome and makes anyone better day by day.

Hello 🌎 World,


Mercury Rising,

Come and join me, I would be more than happy to share my experiences with all of you.

 This photograph is a page from my travel diary .I have to travel deep outskirts of West Bengal which is indeed a very beautiful place to visit n I enjoyed a lot I got a chance to see the daily life of fishermans from very close but, I have to wait several days on the bank of river Atari to take this amazing photograph  this is very memorable part of that journey and that’s why I feel like sharing it with u all so cherish it n let me know…..

I am expecting genuine support n love ❤️ from all of you to make this journey a huge success

Stay blessed and join me